What are Website Backlinks

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Website backlinks are links from one website to another. Do you want your website to be an internet sensation?

Then, read on !

This is where your website gets mentioned in

Suddenly a lot more people can now easily find you and refer back to your website for more information.

Backlinks can make your website an internet sensation and skyrocket its performance due to the ability of large companies/websites to reach a significantly larger audience.

Your website can then really take off if you also have your own info product prepared. This can include things like

  • an introductory course
  • a full course
  • an ebook
  • a webinar
  • exclusive merchandise
  • book
  • digital products

and you could suddenly get a lot of people suddenly buying from you.

All the tools you need to succeed

Backlinks are therefore useful and somewhat treasured because its one of the secrets to a high-volume traffic website.

And high-volume traffic undoubtedly leads to more revenue.

The benefits of backlinks are indeed numerous.

You could go from having 20 people visiting your website to suddenly 40,000 visitors a month.

So if you’re looking to supercharge your website traffic then look at getting backlinks and remember why they’re important.


space shuttle launchpad

  • Backlinks can make your traffic and visitors per month skyrocket


  • They can boost your revenue dramatically



  • Help boost trust with your brand


  • Enable you to have a stream of repeat customers



One of the best ways is in the form of a very light suggestive email to large websites, print media, and emails to the editors of large media outlets.

Once you can demonstrate a proven record of success and authority within your niche you can pitch to large websites within your niche.

You can offer to write a featured quality highly informative article as a guest post on their platforms.

Backlinks are an advanced SEO technique usually only reserved for super affiliates and experienced website owners that have a proven track record of success.

A large company with a significant online presence isn’t going to promote another website owner that has no previous proven track record.

Basically, if you already have built a significant online presence and following and you may want to start promoting.

Promote your website and brand to large companies your own company’s limited-time product offer or latest hot insider tip.

This is where journalists and editors from large media conglomerates of newspapers popular magazines television news come in.

The process of contacting them is known as pitching.


media interview lights camera action

Haro stands for Helping A Reporter Out.

It basically is a journalistic business resource whereby journalists use it as a tool to help them find new stories for their publications and or articles.

On HARO a journalist may list what areas they specialize in.

The list can include what topics they would like to base an article on and if your website niche matches what they are looking for it can be a win-win for your business.

The journalist might invite you to write an article as a featured guest or agree to be interviewed for their well-known magazine, newspaper, TV show, or news story.

This could be a game-changer for your website your business your product and your revenue.

Weebly - Websites, eCommerce & Marketing in one place.


A common way to learn about backlinks is to analyze your competitor URLs.

It is thus advantageous, to know why a certain company has a high volume of traffic and is building authority within the search engines.

Tools such as SemRush and Ahrefs help affiliate marketers and website owners do just that.

They help research the data such as

  • using a web crawler to examine competitor URLs
  • researching competitors marketing strategies
  • monitoring the sources of competitors backlinks
  • how they got backlinks
  • who are their referrals?
  • researching their location
  • view estimates of competitor URLs and their monthly traffic
  • history of a competitor’s older backlinks and their sources
  • researching a competitors SEO data


Some backlinks are termed high quality and low quality.

High-quality backlinks from reputable websites can help your website tremendously.

Low-quality backlinks can harm your website.

These low-quality backlinks can include

  • A backlink coming from a website that has a niche not related to your website’s niche.
  • Backlinks that are coming from a foreign country that is different from your target audiences country
  • Backlinks coming from a URL with.xyz . URL’s with.xyz have a bad reputation for being a spam website
  • Backlinks coming from a website that has inappropriate controversial content such as adult pornography sites or hate speech groups or websites that promote controversial conspiracy groups


This tool tells Google not to allow a certain backlink to point back to your website.

Google usually does a good job with its inbuilt research capabilities to determine whether a backlink is a high or low-quality one.

However, it is wise to use backlink research tools to check for low-quality backlinks and to quickly identify them.

This tool enables you to notify Google not to have that low-quality backlink point back to your website.

Google itself advises using the Google Disavow tool with caution.


Fortunately, there are some good free backlink research tools, however, they have limits placed on their features.

The list includes a few popular mentions.

https://neilpatel.com/back links/


https://www.semrush.com/analytics/back links/

There are some paid versions too from these quality companies.

It largely depends on the size of your business and your marketing budget to be able to pay for access to premium backlink research tools.

You can then use paid tools for your SEO marketing strategies.


panning for gold

High-quality Backlinks are likened to panning for gold.

You can potentially strike gold and your website and your business will never be the same again!

With the building of your authority within Google over a number of years and the continued success within your website’s niche.

Success then can be built upon and then used as a good bargaining/pitching tool to large media and large websites that may give you many high-quality backlinks that your website and business have been searching for.

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50 Do’s and Don’ts of Affiliates

Standing on a Mountain

 This post aims to make sense of Affiliate Marketing and here we list the 50 do’s and don’ts of  Successful Affiliate Marketers.


Pick a topic you actually love not loathe. 

Ask yourself, could you write about this for a year?

Conversely, if not then think about choosing the right niche for yourself.

Feel like you’re dragging your feet?.. then it may mean indicate your in the wrong niche for you personally.

Don’t hesitate to rethink your chosen niche.

To write content for a website for a year needs motivation and focus to start with picking a niche you love not hate.



Aim to work undisturbed. Perhaps you could pick a time when everyone is asleep getting up an hour early b4 everyone else every day.

Switch off your phone; your email; barking family pets; the kids family members partners hiring a babysitter anything to turn off all distractions.

Think about switching your devices to airplane mode. In this way, it may allow you to switch on just for that hour you need in concentrate mode to write new content for your site/s.



Human beings undoubtedly forget so often they don’t fully assimilate and ultimately remember the information. 

If you can make notes when u study aspects of affiliate marketing it could help to better understand and largely internalize all that information.

That way it’s hard to forget.

Especially if you are reviewing your notes every now and then!



Live for inspiration!

  • get yourself a big modern desk or half-decent used desk from used furniture ads
  • a nice comfortable gas lift office chair with deep cushioning
  •  an easy to use wireless keyboard and mouse instead of leaning over squinting trying to type on a tiny laptop keyboard that feels like your cooking chicken on a grill because of all the heat coming from your laptop!
  • Cluttered desk Cluttered Mind.

        Clearing your desk of clutter. Giving your room office a big spring clean eg.                   giving it a good vacuum a good dusting removing fingerprints from your laptop           your monitor and wiping down your equipment with a lightly damp sponge to               remove dust. 


  • Dumping garbage from your study room/office. 


  • Opening the windows to let stale air circulate in the room and freshen the air.


  • Dump that old 10yr old wardrobe of clothes and investing in brand new clothes and bedding just to give you that little bit of inspiration and newfound energy to spend the countless hours days weeks months writing new content for your site.  Your now dressed for success, not failure. Looking good and success goes hand in hand!


Your host might have a backup of your website. 

But what if they get some malware infection on their server computers then all those days weeks months years of typing up that content in your website/s could be suddenly lost. 

This has serious consequences for your business.

Aim to make up 2nd backup of your website. You can make that backup on some websites For less than $2 a day you can use a 3rd party service such as CodeGuard and it’s peace of mind you won’t lose your work.


There is nothing more unpleasant than equipment failure.

Equipment failure won’t just impact your motivation to keep going with your business but can interrupt your whole business.

Unless you have a spare thousand dollars to buy yourself another laptop, it makes sense to buy a 2nd laptop just in case you or a friend trips over and spills hot coffee all over your laptop.

Laptops, keyboards, HDMI TVs, monitors, hard drives, mouse do fail. They also may get infected with malware, stolen, or worse refuse to hold a charge.

A sudden spill of drinking water over your brand new laptop could mean a huge interruption to your business. Floods earthquakes fire theft all could make u lose all your equipment suddenly. 

Aim to keep a secondary device of your computer equipment.

A 2nd Laptop a 2nd HDMI tv a 2nd wireless keyboard/mouse hard drive. Again it’s peace of mind. An insurance policy that includes home and contents insurance and equipment failure helps too.

Equipment failure won’t just impact your motivation to keep going with your business but interrupt revenue from your website. 


This is what u can focus on first. Learn what keywords are for. Whatever tool or program to use to get keywords whether it is tools like Jaxxy or Uber Suggest, SEM Rush, Ahrefs, Google Keyword Planner, Long Tail Pro, or Serpstat.

You can have all your keywords ready for your titles subheadings paragraphs before u even start to write your content. That way you can type up a new post quickly.

Also, don’t just write without using keywords otherwise Google can’t find you.


There are a number of good affiliate courses that you can take. Research on what is the best course to learn Affiliate Marketing.

Whether it’s Wealthy Affiliate Udemy or others aim to complete a course so that you will later know exactly what you’re doing and what to expect.

This is especially so when first starting out. You want to light up your motivation and path to success!



Set yourself a 15min writing goal where all you do is write new content. You could use a stopwatch or a countdown timer on your phone. With practice, you may find that you end up getting a hell of a lot more done!


Drinking water undoubtedly helps you focus. Look after yourself, don’t neglect your body and your fatigue. If you tire stop to take a break to allow yourself a rest period and get up and stretch aching muscles, neck, and walk around. 

Reduce your own stress and boost your energies and inspiration to keep working another new day.


You should aim to publish new content on your site at least 8 posts a month.

Remember, up to 90% of your business is publishing new content the other times your not publishing new content on your site should only be a small amount of your time.


Too many plugins make loading and opening your website pages a slowed-down process.

The last thing you want for your visitors is to click out of your website because it was just way too slow to load. You could lose traffic as visitors who are left with a bad website experience and who may give up trying to open your website altogether. 


An affiliate manager’s job is to approve and decline new affiliates in their company’s affiliate program.

If your website is new wait a couple of months until you have established your website and it’s getting traffic to your site.

Then worry about joining the many affiliate programs as you may need to rack up your experience first and establish traffic enough first.

There’s nothing worse than getting an email saying you have been rejected. It plays with your head as a setback and your motivation levels for your business.

Don’t apply too soon.


You can make a specific website only email using Gmail and the wealthy affiliate platform. A lot of affiliate program managers do look at your email and if it has something to do with your website it is looked upon more favorably.


People can hack your email and social media logins and your website if you have a weak password.

Two-factor authentication is also effective. Look on the page for that option and be sure to select it.

It uses your phone to send a text with a randomly generated number that you need to input in order to gain access to the platform you are wishing to access eg. your emails, your WordPress back office, your social media. 

Try to incorporate numbers, special characters, capital, and lowercase letters.

Google Chrome has a handy “suggest Strong password” by right-clicking when your cursor is within the window of select your new password.

There are several apps that you can use on your phone that store and generate strong password combinations. Job done!


Try to maximize your affiliate commissions by researching the internet for different affiliate programs

Some better commissions can be had just by searching in search engines for affiliate programs that can pay you much more than just a few dollars.



Unfortunately, not all products and services represent good value.

Get rich schemes that make dubious outlandish claims promoting these links could reflect badly on your own website. Be selective about whose product you will promote and whose ads you choose to feature on your website.

If you don’t think they would sell then it’s best to be selective.

Researching or even buying the products themselves first beforehand helps your own insight and confidence in promoting products you just don’t know in the first place.  


Google will punish you if your site is deemed too promotional in nature. People want an answer they don’t always want to be bombarded with ads.

Remember you are here to help not sell. It is unwise to litter your website posts with too many links.


This one can hurt your rankings your traffic and your revenue. Try to only promote products and services that identify with your website niche.

An affiliate manager often will check to see if your website niche is relevant to their products. Getter a “sorry your application was denied” feels like a sinking feeling interfering with your motivation in your business. 

First, determine if the product is actually relevant to your website.


There is nothing better for your website than legitimate free organic traffic and nothing worse to your pocket than people who try to tell you how to get traffic to your website if you only pay them thousands of dollars first.

Run to the hills from these charlatans.


Newly created posts are commonly known as orphan content. Like real orphans, these newly-created posts need to be linked to good parent posts on your website.

Newly created posts that don’t have internal links to more important parts of your website are like lost orphans.

They can’t find Google and Google can’t find them. They cant find traffic and an audience in the world so they can’t attract enough revenue to your website, so it’s vital to optimize your newly created posts for SERPS( search engine result pages). 

Always have internal and external links within your content words. You can do this manually by linking one by one within WordPress posts within your website or use SEO plugins that help create internal links as you write.

This helps Google find you. When you don’t have internal links within your posts they end up feeling a little isolated.

It’s sad for your SEO sad for your rankings and it’s sad for your traffic. Nobody will find them. Link them to the main parent posts of your website.



Grammarly is man and woman’s best friend. It will help you correct spelling errors typos commas spaces and correct grammatical errors.

It will underline all your errors in green and all u do is just click and select the given correction and bingo all your errors are fixed.

If you use Chrome browser it is a much easier way to live as a super handy chrome extension within your browser add ons.


Align your posts and internal link them with your home page at the top with important pillar categories in the middle of the pyramid and shorter response posts at the bottom.

This organization helps your website go from just a mess of random pages to your audience and search engines finding your content much more easily.


In this way to work more effectively with practice, you can quickly write up posts within one hour because all your topic headings subheadings, and keywords are already written down. 


Your main audience is the USA.

Learn how to research what the trends are there. Pay a visit to the country. Research what their likes dislikes are.

Most of your business most of your visitors will come from this country. So researching trends and getting to know the USA market there is just wise.


Be aware of copying and pasting someone else’s images and or content. Never use images from big guns like Amazon otherwise you could face a lawsuit that could ruin your whole business.


The mouse may think he is getting somewhere in life but actually, no progress was made.

Sometimes engaging in social media groups and forums may not always get you a lot of traffic like a website like writing and publishing original quality new posts can.


Focus on publishing new content on your site to get organic traffic is a sure-fire way to success. Content is king!


Many successful businesses and affiliate marketers swear by their autoresponder email marketing program that helps them as well as Super Affiliates get a hell of a lot of traffic.


Invest in your own business to make money in the long run.

Got a template-only website that has its theme at the bottom of every page of your website? Fix the problem.

If your getting good revenue from your site why not invest in a quality web design company that knows Java code and has the experience to build you a quality website that will add impact to your whole business along with an increase in traffic and revenue.


Ask yourself why are they ranked on page one on Google.

Directly subscribe to their email list to examine their email marketing campaigns and to monitor their autoresponder software/automated emails.

Do a little forensics on them. Take notes on them and note their ad placement. What keywords are they using?

Note their layout and fonts. Is there a visual impact on their website? Note their professionality.

Can you spot their highlighted internal links? What methods are they using for backlinks SEM RUSH can research this.

Don’t ever copy or paste them but do make notes on what methods they are using to increase your own insight and ideas on just what comprises a professional rank one page one website on Google and other search engines.


Google loves brands. Put that branded touch throughout your website. Do look at changing your online presence into, a company name instead of just a one-man show. Also, look at investing in a website logo for your website.

Do invest in a professional web designer who knows Javascript well enough to design you a website that has a totally professional look.

Conversely, you could look at launching a product a free ebook to your subscribers even a free podcast.

In time, starting a youtube channel that all promote your business and your website.

Another aspect is taking a look at investing in merchandise that promotes your brand. This could include T-shirts, coffee cups with your branded logo, fridge magnets, or even a clothing line. 


The more practice you get at creating new websites the better you will become at it.

Aim to make several websites. Your 10th website is often going to perform much better than your very first one because you will have gained the experience to know just what you’re doing.

Experience is everything!


Bad move.

You’ll get banned from that group and  Google will mark your website and lower your rankings and you’ll end up losing your traffic.


There are super affiliates people who regularly make six-figure incomes online who have the experience and knowledge and mindset to succeed so they know what constitutes a good website.

If they offer mentoring, grab the opportunity to invest in your own business to get them to look and give feedback tips coaching reworkings of your website.

You can also join affiliate marketing courses that have members-only online forums where more experienced affiliates can review critique your website.

They can examine its layout the plugins the page speed and many other crucial factors that all help your website to rank.


Don’t try to go it alone.

Build a team. Hire writers for your content for some of your websites and have SEO experts.

Look for mentors by being a member of several affiliate courses that hold online forums.  Take the oppurtunity to network with other more experienced affiliates!

Join affiliate marketing courses that have online communities specific to members only. The success of your website and business involves partnering with an army of people power.

No large business or army has just 1 person only.


Learn how to increase traffic on your website and how backlinks can skyrocket your traffic and revenue from your website.

Backlinks are links to your website from media outlets journalists magazine editors large internet domains that talk about your business and your product launches.

If your already a super affiliate ( someone that is already earning a six-figure income online) you should utilize media conglomerates and popular internet domains that can review and tell their audience about your business and products and or services.

See to it if you can guest post on their website and be sure to ask them to point back to your website this is known as a high-quality backlink.

Basically, your website traffic and revenue from it can all of a sudden… break the sound barrier in the form of traffic in huge numbers and more and more people buying your product from your website can come flooding in.


Learn how to use Google Analytics.

This free resource will give u a lot of insight as to what constitutes a good post on your website.

Factors such as age gender location of your audiences the location of most of your audience bounce rates ( how long people are using and reading thru your website) all pull together to give you good insights into the effectiveness of your website business online.


Google Analytics will tell you which pages are underperforming and these are known as zombie pages.

Do what most people do to zombies, they eradicate them. Zombie pages that are not generating traffic need to be deleted from your website because they can largely undermine your whole website and affect its ranking within Google.


With the previous day set aside for planning the topics of your posts headings subheading keywords keyword titles with practice, you should be able to write response posts within one hour.

This skill will come to you in time with practice.


Unscrupulous hackers can sometimes access or infect your computer with malware or phishing/tracking or worse break your website.

Be aware of the security issues with joining public wifi networks you just don’t know about.


Old files, cookies, temporary internet files, recycle bin files, obsolete files, active x files are often collected and tracked by marketing companies.

For thorough cleaning use a program like CC Cleaner which can wipe cookies browser history at the touch of a button.

By doing this, you will have a faster loading device/computer.



Malware, unverified registry changes, tracking cookies, keyloggers, and worms all slow your computer down. 

Use a program that will remove and delete these files. I have personally used Spybot Search and Destroy for nearly 20years and been delighted with this free product.


SEO plugins, conflicts with plugins, outdated plugins, inactive plugins all add up to reduce the loading speed of web pages this can get frustrating for your audience.

Aim to limit the number of installed plugins that you need in order to keep to respectable webpage loading times.


Most modems have a default user name and only a basic password “admin” making it easy for someone to break into your internet connection and use it to download large files and you’ll get the bill.

Use a password manager or one on your phone that generates passwords or chrome can quickly suggest a strong password to you by a right-click and if your typing in a password window you will see the words suggested password this tool is so handy.


If you synch your files in chrome and other browsers, even if you delete your browser history cookies in your laptop the history and cookies are still in your phone if you use chrome sync there too. 

Be sure to delete browser history cookies in all your devices otherwise you may find that your device is somewhat slower to connect to the internet which can be frustrating.


This will keep your website within the US Federal Trade Commission guidelines and you’ll avoid a crippling fine.


Engagement with your audience can boost your traffic rankings and revenue.

Aim to encourage your audience at the end of your posts to leave comments on your website. You can later review their comment to check if it is appropriate to include it in the comments section.

Be quick to delete comments that are obvious spam redirects that can undermine your website.


If you are using WordPress always try to save your work every few lines within WordPress or the back end of your website.

For added security save your work as a text document on your computer. Nothing worse than typing thousands of words and losing your work for good.


The progress of your website largely is a waiting game.

Your aim is to build authority within Search Engines and this could take up to a year before your site has enough visitors and is bringing in good revenue. Don’t give up. Remain positive.


The world of affiliate marketing is a battle. Putting in the hours the commitment the discipline the dedication is just part of the battle.

You can set up your Paypal Account to send you a text message immediately telling you your monetization methods are working and you are receiving affiliate revenue.

It is worth mentioning that if your website has only a few posts then that is often the reason for a mixed result.

Building a website takes time and writing is tough going. This is why we sometimes hire content writers.

At the end of the day, helping others gain better insight is personally rewarding.

It is hoped that this post has helped make sense of affiliate marketing.

Good luck with your website and your business!

Did you find aspects of this post interesting?

If so, feel free to leave a comment, and thank you for taking the time to read this information.


What is Email Marketing for Beginners?

An email list is a force of nature for many businesses. Why? 

The very nature of email marketing strives to collect a large list of subscribers commonly known as an email list.

Many super affiliate marketers  (people who run six-figure income businesses online) have a very large email list of subscribers.

It’s an integral part of their business success!

More visitors means more rankings and more traffic means more revenue. 

With email marketing, you now have yourself a large and more importantly “interested” group of subscribers.

These people now represent to whom you can send your marketing emails.

Your email marketing campaigns can include limited-time offers on an ongoing weekly basis.

At the same time help to solve their problems and offer solutions to them.

What’s Involved?

When somebody purchases a product and clicks links on one of your website pages, they could essentially be lost forever.
Powerfully-simple email marketing for ecommerce businesses by AWeber

Email marketing aims to circumvent and solve this problem and keeps them as valued subscribers.

Once your readers subscribe to your email list they become added to your subscribers.

The process has largely begun.

Namely, subscribers have begun to trust you, this makes the whole task of marketing that much easier for you.

It is always difficult to try to sell to a stranger who isn’t on your email list. 

If they aren’t one of your subscribers it would be a harder to let them know about products that might help them.

The exciting part of it all is it enables you to promote to them by way of a recurring email.

This could then boost your sales again and again!

Email marketing can increase your sales and this method is often employed by many businesses that have an online presence. 


You may be concerned that emailing people on your email list too much is just going to be ignored.

Studies have shown that people do indeed check their emails.

Subscribers are much more interested in your content, products, and or services.

They are also much more likely to read marketing emails from you.

You need to be wise not to overdo it though,  in sending too many marketing emails.

That way you do not annoy your valued subscribers.

The fact is that many busy people online do actually check their emails on a regular basis.

Once they see your email they often will be interested to take the time to read it.

The nature of your email marketing should also change periodically.

This is especially so, in regard to long-term subscribers or new subscribers.

In addition to the timing of your own emails. 

Too many repetitive emails that don’t change in nature and form can drive away some of your best subscribers.

So, you need to be mindful.

Your best to mix things up from time to time and keep them fresh.

Keeping your emails newly updated and fresh will make your emails exciting and interesting.

What is an Autoresponder?

Email marketing uses auto-responders which are programs written specifically to automate your email marketing campaigns.

This makes the task of having to single-handedly send thousands of emails one by one to people in your email list a much quicker, easier, and automated process. 

This is ultimately one of the tactics of a good successful super affiliate marketer/earner.

Successful affiliate marketers focus on methods to automate several aspects of their business to save time and make even more revenue. 

An autoresponder enables affiliate marketers to select a variety of options such as

  • Weekly emails
  • Landing Pages
  • Newsletters
  • Black Friday deals
  • Valentine’s Day deals

Marketing campaigns can then be sent to people in your email list all with a few clicks from your autoresponder. 

Marketing emails undoubtedly help build trust and loyalty to both your website and its brand.

It improves your relationship with your visitors and above all boosts both traffic to your revenue for your website.


In general, people don’t like to just give out their email addresses and they especially don’t like spam.

They certainly don’t enjoy a flood of emails. 

Good successful affiliate marketers will sometimes often offer a welcome gift to new subscribers.

This could be something of value and interest to them before demanding their email address.

This could be a free offer to their audiences like a free ebook, hot tips,  newsletter, or a free introductory course. 

Once again, you’re trying to build trust with your visitors.

So when you send them that regular email, they then know and trust you enough to take the time to open it and read it.

Sending unsolicited emails to people will likely be ignored, and at worst marked as spam which could reflect badly for you.

Introduction to AWeber

Aweber uses an autoresponder program that aims to market to your visitors and retain them.

The program enables you to use prewritten emails landing pages and custom emails once a new subscriber clicks on your content.

If you are using WordPress as your website, Aweber incorporates technology that is compatible with WordPress websites.

For a fascinating introduction to the world of email marketing and autoresponder software.

You could well take a look at Aweber.

AWeber Free: Email marketing for free. No credit card required.

Advantages of Email Marketing

  • Helps foster relationships with your audience who then begin to trust you.
  • It creates a bridge between your audience
  • Makes it easier to sell to many subscribers with who you already have established a good customer relationship.
  • It can dramatically boost your revenue
  • Enables you to reach a much larger audience
  • Allows in-built tracking and stats and behavior of who clicked on what and the number of popular pages that were visited
  • Enables insights to determine what campaigns actually work and don’t work
  • Helps boost insights about customer behavior
  • Helps create a better relationship with your visitors as it doesn’t employ annoying sales tactics.
  • Avoids the frowned-upon practice of sending out unsolicited emails.
  • Allows visitors to unsubscribe at any time 
  • Cost-effective marketing tool compared to traditional higher cost of arranging to print flyers and advertising brochures 
  • Helps boost revenue and lowers the costs of running a business online.


Email marketing can ultimately encompass an effective marketing strategy.

As your subscribers increase and your email list grows over time this can boost the revenues for your business immeasurably! 

You may have undoubtedly come across marketing emails yourself.

Perhaps from several companies and websites before, that suddenly pop up in your email inbox regularly.

These emails often list different sales promotions, weekly newsletters, free offers, ebooks, one-time special offers, and or promotions that have a countdown on the page. 

This is the sure sign of a business using the power of email marketing to reach its audience.

Have you received such emails before? 

Feel free to leave a comment below.


How to get free targeted traffic to your website?


Stop overpromoting your affiliate links.

We all want to get free traffic to our website.

Google doesn’t like websites that are littered with too many affiliate links everywhere on pages and posts.

You will not get ranked.

And your site will be put at the bottom of search results where no one will find you again.


You are Here to Help not Sell

No one likes a salesman that is always trying to sell you something right? 

A pushy salesman getting in people’s faces, knocking on doors, offering you this, offering you that. 

People don’t like to be sold.

They want their problems solved, so they don’t have time for gimmicks and conmen.

And so your best bet is to get in the right space with them, to begin with.

Google likes you to provide quality helpful website content that has a non-promotional tone. 

It’s ok to use your affiliate link or your banner ad here or there on parts of your website but remember, don’t overdo it by putting too many affiliate links everywhere.


Disguising your Affiliate Links

Stop! don’t do this.

Cloaking disguising your links shortening your links and copying and pasting too many links hurts your rankings.

Do the right thing.

Be honest open to show your visitors that you are trustworthy.

Don’t use disguises on your website.

Black hat techniques aim to work against search engine rules which are counterproductive to your business online. 

Black hat techniques in SEO ( search engine optimization) are bad news for search engines and your visitors.

Search engines have guidelines for websites and you better follow them or you won’t get traffic to your website.

Google doesn’t take kindly to website owners that try to use dirty SEO black hat techniques.

It is unwise to try and fool Google. 

You will only end up losing visitors (traffic) to your website. And ultimately, just hurt your rankings again.


Be the Emperor of Content on the Internet.

Remember that content is king but quality helpful non-promotional content is the emperor.

A king might rule one region but an emperor rules the entire region combined! 

Be the emperor of content on the internet.

Then you can rule page one on the google search results.

Leaving those 50,000 websites that are indexed behind you.

Google will not rank you if it views your site as to what is termed a bridge website. 

Which only refers people to other sites all the time.

It only means the main purpose of your website is only to get people to jump from your site over to another redirected site.

How frustrating can that be for your visitors?

Helping others

Help your visitors first sell to them last.

If you appear to Google in your website like your just trying to send people off to affiliate program links all the time from your poor quality website content then your history with them.

Inexperienced affiliate marketers often make the mistake of sharing their website URL links everywhere within social media groups. 

Then they wonder why they got banned from that group or forum.

The same goes for dropping affiliate links to other users within social media groups.

This is spam content and social media group of course don’t like spam within their group and will just remove your links and then ban you.

Let’s have a look at how Google and other search engines inspect your site.

Google Bot

Google bot is a web crawler. 

A web crawler is an indexing program that helps index 500,000 new websites a day made over the internet.

Another term for them is a web spider.

They help speed up the process of indexing for search engines which would otherwise be a very slow time-consuming process if it was done only by humans.

The program crawls your website content and other websites looking for

  • quality original valuable content
  • high-quality backlinks
  • non-promotional relevant based content
  • captivating helpful exciting and updated new content
  • internal links
  • the presence of unique content such as infographics
  • strong visual content instead of boring text
  • spelling and grammatical errors
  • the absence of poor quality backlinks
  • branded websites that represent a company at the footer of the site 
  • content that shows clearly who the author is with a photo of them 
  • relevant ad usage
  • alt tags that tell blind and visually impaired people what images on the page represent


It then builds a searchable index for the Google search engine page that people can easily find.

There is also an army of Google staff who also help manually crawl your site looking for these same qualities. 

How to Optimize Your Website

Keeping your website pages clean and helpful and do not overdo your promotions. 

Somewhere on your website, you can later link to product reviews within your site that have affiliate links.

Make it a rule in your affiliate marketing strategies. 

Remember your dealing with people with feelings and needs.

Don’t annoy your guests namely your visitors.

Otherwise, they can just click out of your site, and then you will lose that traffic forever.

Don’t have poor quality content that is not helpful or relevant to your people in your website pages and posts.

Stay on the topic.

Aim to share information that only is related to your niche. Don’t go off-topic. It hurts your rankings.

Treat your visitors and Google like they are part of your team together all working on the same mission to ultimately solve other people’s problems and provide value and insight to their lives.

See Google as a partnership in your business and see your visitors as if they are your friends whom you are wanting to help in life.

Make that your business plan right there.

Then two groups will love you.

Google will start ranking your website if it sees that your website is full of quality content.

And your visitors your audience will love you if they see value in the content on your website.

Google can end up giving you free traffic.

More customers more visitors equals more traffic equals more revenue.

How easy is that!

They will see you as an authority in your niche.

They will find you captivating and exciting where your visitors will be drawn to you and spend the time reading your content.

People don’t buy off people they don’t trust.

So try to see it’s about the business of helping others and building a relationship.

Last of all along the way, visitors will then naturally begin to trust you and buy from you.

Some points to consider are

  • can you make a website that is actually helpful to others?
  • write quality helpful unbiased content
  • have a website with relevant content that only applies to your niche
  • design a website that is helpful and non-promotional
  • stay on topic keep it relevant
  • avoid using copyrighted material within your website
  • use of internal links
  • easy to read for your audience



Don’t even try to con people especially online. Don’t try to trick people.

You can get a lot of traffic to your website if you can show that you are a good samaritan to people.

Then in time, you can have a full-time business online.

That you will be proud of and it can make you feel good that you have added some value to people’s lives.

Now it’s your turn! Have you had a situation where you have helped others and found it personally rewarding?

Feel free to leave your comments below.


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What I Need To Create A Website?

With an Internet Connection and your own device there is nothing to stop you from launching your own website online.

Creating a website from scratch can be a challenge.

This can be an exciting and rewarding time for you.

Can you apply yourself to putting in the work involved in making a website from scratch?

One that can ultimately help others and at the same time totally transform your lifestyle?

Without having your own website it will be very difficult for you to earn revenue online.

Therefore, spending the time building your own website and choosing your own internet domain is an important step for an affiliate marketer.

A website is an electronic storefront for many people online.

Let us look at your options.


Wealthy Affiliate platform offers a free website builder and hosting service called Site Rubix.

To use it you must be a member of the WA platform.

You can join for free or if you are hungry for success then you can enter into a paid membership.

This will enable you to study and work through the lessons online.

Weebly also offers a free website builder and it is also easy to use.

I personally have used both Weebly and Site Rubix and can vouch for its effectiveness and ease of use as well as its speed with fast load times.

How to Get My Own Website?

You can apply online to web hosting services for a new internet domain name.

A domain name basically means a website name known as a URL.

There are many options that include a free domain if your budget is limited.

You could also look at low-cost internet domain names that you can choose from many web hosting companies online.

Website domain names are often competitive and it can be sometimes difficult to find a website name that hasn’t already been taken by someone.

Fortunately, hosting companies provide an easy-to-use database where you can simply just type in the name of your choice and check if that website name is available.

You then proceed to the checkout on the next page to buy your very own domain

The hosting service will often keep it registered for you in your name for 1 year.

An interesting by-product of internet domains is Domain Investing.

Domain Investing is used by entrepreneurs who attempt to try to buy up domain names as an investment.

Sometimes a domain name can later become suddenly in demand by somebody in the future.

Domain owners have had been suddenly contacted with lucrative offers to purchase the rights to their domain names originally bought for just $17 and made them millionaires overnight! 

For example, Hotels.com sold for a cool 11 million dollars.

Parting with $17 and buying a domain name can sometimes end up being wanted by a large business conglomerate.

This tiny investment could one day make a massive return for yourself and your family.

Getting a new domain name is very affordable.

You need only pay a small fee for 1 year worth of website hosting and you will hold the rights to that domain name exclusively.


What are Website Builders?

A website builder is a nifty bit of software that enables first-time users to quickly make a website.

This saves the hassle of knowing complex computer programming code.

Websites such as SiteRubix which is built into the WA platform, Weebly, Wix, and WordPress all have their own built-in Website Builders that make designing a website easy!

Users are presented with a word processor platform that enables differing type fonts headlines subheadings point form displays and high-quality images to be downloaded directly to your wordpress website.

Many website builders also come installed with a handy spelling and punctuation checker

For one of the most reputable web hosts in the business click below!


You can start your own website for free!

However, it can be limited to the following

  • limited options within what is offered
  • lower website visitor count
  • hosting support that is limited
  • fewer website tools
  • limited bandwidth
  • reduced research tools
  • limited trial membership that often ends whereby you can no longer access your website after the trial ends
  • not a popular or appealing website name for your visitors which can ultimately hurt your revenue and rankings

However, if you are just starting out, a free website is often an attractive choice for newcomers.

This can then help them to start learning the art of making a professional-looking website.

Taking a Website Security Test On Your Website

We can all make our visitors and our business and website experience a lot safer if we take active steps to protect our websites online.

One thing we can do is if you use plugins on say your WordPress website. always check for updates to your plugins.

This stops people from trying to inject malicious code into old outdated plugins and rendering your website unusable.

Another important technique is to use a website host that offers a padlocked SSL encryption commonly known as HTTPS.

This utilizes and applies a cryptographic key.

It also involves a more secure transmission of data from a web host server to a user’s browser and prevents people from accessing sensitive personal information on your website.

Using a strong password combination provides a level of security for your Websites.

Often there is the option of two-factor authentication which provides another level of security.

A weak password can often become a nightmare for a company or individuals who rely on their business daily.

A good website host will auto-generate backups for your websites in the unlikely event that your website has been compromised.


There are 500,000 new websites being made daily and 1.8billion websites on the world wide web today.

Thus, the internet is a big part of many people’s lives.

The technology and hassle of knowing complicated computer programming behind the building and designing websites have since been made much easier for people.

You will be surprised to enjoy the experience of making and designing a new website with website building technology that just wasn’t around in the early days of the world wide web.

Now it’s your turn!

Have you started a Website yet?

If so,  we invite you to talk about your experiences here. Feel free to share your comments below!

To Your Online Success!

An Introduction to Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate known commonly as WA by its members is a very impressive website training course dedicated to teaching the art of Affiliate Marketing in depth.

The platform boasts a caring community of other like-minded affiliate marketers all helping other less experienced members further their knowledge on the many concepts of affiliate marketing topics that need to be covered in order to become successful.

To Get The Most Advanced & Comprehensive Training In The Industry,

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The brand name Wealthy Affiliate originated in Canada in 2005 by founders Kyle Loudoun and Carson Lim.

Both of these guys enjoyed previous success online in affiliate marketing before.

The lessons are hosted by Kyle and other experienced successful affiliate marketers within the platform.

The extensive lessons include valuable inside knowledge on all aspects of successful affiliate marketing online and informative member-only videos.

At the end of each lesson, members are given tasks to work on and do within the platform before moving onto other lessons which help to solidify their knowledge and progress.

There are a variety of topics and options within the platform such as

  • How to build a professional  website
  • Check your website stats/view count/google rank/visitor sessions/what country your website visitors came from
  • Check your Affiliate income stats
  • Check your Writing stats how many words you have typed into your websites
  • Website issues website feedback from other members
  • Live Chat with other members
  • Ask a Question to other experienced members
  • Personal Messages to Kyle and Carson
  • Personal Messages to members
  • Crucial Website Feedback from other more experienced members who will review your website
  • Affiliate Bootcamp
  • Inbuilt Website writing platform with spell checker
  • Punctuation checker
  • Research platform within WA for marketing research for your campaigns online
  • SEO strategies to help boost your website’s performance online
  • A lot of Insider knowledge will put you a step ahead of your competition



Wealthy Affiliate is a platform that teaches users the best most up-to-date methods in affiliate marketing today.

With over 2.3 Million members it has an impressive following online.

Its well-designed course offers lessons for every topic in affiliate marketing for a modest membership cost.

The platform has left no stone unturned and is very in-depth and comprehensive.

In fact your likely to encounter a course like no other that really goes into much detail and is a true learning experience.

Whether your a seasoned affiliate marketing pro or a total beginner Wealthy Affiliate will have a lesson for you.


Wealthy Affiliate has a STARTER TRIAL MEMBERSHIP which is initially free it is limited to free 6months hosting of your chosen website.

The cost of Wealthy Affiliate membership largely depends on the membership pricing you choose.

Starter Membership is free to join

Premium Membership costs ...$49 (USD)

Premium Plus Membership for high volume users costs $49 (USD) for the first month and $99 thereafter.

Payment options include Credit Card or Paypal



Wealthy Affiliate Course Content

The lessons content offers 10 free introductory lessons under their “Online Entrepreneur Certification” which is a detailed course teaching you how to create a Business Online.

The first free lessons include the following topics…

  • Walkthrough videos
  • How To Make Money Online
  • Choosing a Niche
  • Building your Own Website
  • Setting up your Website
  • Getting your Website ready
  • Creating your Website
  • Creating Custom Menus on your Website
  • Understanding your Websites Content

Their Online Entrepreneur Certification is a 5 course 50 lessons detailed course teaching you how to create a Business Online.

Premium Members get access to updated lessons and other perks which include

  • Private coaching
  • Network with experts
  • Private message access to Kyle and Carson
  • Accelerated Help
  • 24/7 365 days a year Website Support
  • Integrated Training Help
  • Networking capabilities
  • Website Builder
  • Security Package
  • SSL
  • Feedback
  • Engagement
  • Analysis Stats for your Website
  • High-Speed Website Speeds
  • Accelerated Website Speeds
  • High-Resolution Image Database
  • Affiliate Program Search




Wealthy Affiliate has its own dedicated team of trained IT personnel offering a professional web hosting service at a competitive price.

They also provide security/hacking protection for your websites when they are finally launched on the Internet.

The Hosting Service Includes

    • Database Monitoring
    • Malware & Virus Monitoring
    • Filesystem Monitoring
    • Hacking and Intrusion Monitoring
    • Site Performance Monitoring
    • Free SSL 256 bit Encryption for your Websites
    • Spam Blocker to prevent your Website from being slowed down
    • Active Botnet Attack Prevention
    • Daily Website Backups
    • Site Comments
    • Site Health
    • Community Access
    • Instant DNS setup
    • 24/7 Technical Support Team on hand for your websites

For a more detailed insight about all the incredible benefits of being a member of Wealthy Affiliate see below!



As a platform for teaching and learning the world of affiliate marketing my personal recommendation is that Wealthy Affiliate represents great value and a very comprehensive and informative learning journey.

This course is not a get-rich scheme and the founders have designed it in such a way that one can make great progress within months not years.

The Founders also list the many Affiliate Marketing Scams to watch out for which is invaluable itself and creates a genuineness around the product.

Being a member requires you to study the lesson content and for newcomers, it can be at first daunting as the course content lessons have a lot of information that you need to remember.

However, if you work through the lessons the results will later speak for themselves plus you have many more experienced members online within the platform who you can network with and ask questions to.

Once you have mastered the lessons given you will no longer be left in the dark about how to best set up a lucrative online affiliate marketing business for yourself and your family.

The benefits of the potential for a good income and the Freedom of

  • Greater Financial Freedom
  • Greater Independence
  • Improvement in Lifestyle that you can enjoy
  • The added benefits of more quality time left available for spending with loved ones and friends
  • The lower time commitment involved once your business is set up online you no longer have to work long hours fight heavy traffic just to get to work in order to earn a livelihood
  • Reduction in stress and a boost in overall health
  • More time for the good things in life like regular exercise socializing and travel in one’s life
  • Overall Better Self Improvement in Life
  • Increased Social Standing
  • Cost-effective lifestyle reduced living expenses of having to eg. run a car just to get to work, maintain it pay govt registration and insurance costs
  • Greater more fulfilling lifestyle where the burdens of making a living suddenly become much easier for you and your family

Do you have a question about Wealthy Affiliate course or platform?

If so, feel free to leave a comment below!


Successful Affiliate Marketing Websites


We all need a helping hand and a mentor in order to do affiliate marketing the right way. 

This helps us to avoid pitfalls and wasted time trying to go it alone.

What we are looking for is an edge against your competitors namely other affiliate marketers

One of the best ways when we first begin in affiliate marketing is to look at completing a quality course in affiliate marketing.

Conversely, the joys of becoming a successful affiliate marketer are just waiting for you and it’s both rewarding and exciting!

Some perks of becoming a successful affiliate marketer can include

  • making a good income and being your own boss as opposed to just working for somebody else.
  • being able to travel to your favorite holiday destinations around the world whilst being able to bring your work with you instead of waiting a whole year just to go on a holiday.
  • a reduction in stress levels because of a reduced time commitment thus freeing up more time with loved ones and family.
  • being able to afford a more comfortable lifestyle and being to rent or buy a property in an expensive area.

This is an exciting time for mom’s and dad’s single parent’s students looking for ways to earn extra income.

Even workers who are at the end of their contract looking for a sideline income.

This brings us to our next question.

What is the Best Affiliate Marketing Program?

I would suggest first looking at one that has also the best paying affiliate marketing programs.

We all want to maximize our income.

Many affiliate marketers enjoy commissions on their efforts and large companies almost always have an affiliate marketing program. 

Affiliate marketing courses can be found online and I welcome you to take a look at the exciting offers made here within this website which will inform you about quality affiliate marketing courses.

A lot of affiliate programs vary a great deal in commission returns for their hardworking affiliates.

Like anything in life, there are good and bad options when choosing an affiliate marketing course.

I want to save you time and money in selecting an affiliate marketing course that I believe you will love and wonder why you did not discover it sooner. 

I always try to recommend courses that I have personally spent time studying in detail so that I can make an informed decision about what course I personally recommend to you that is high quality and reputable within the industry.

Best Paying Affiliate Programs

Affiliate marketers receive commissions from companies who find customers for them. 

This is one of the goals of affiliate marketers.

Find the customer direct them to a product that they love and bingo that company you found customers for will pay you lucrative commissions that add up over time to make an income online. 

We can be selective about what affiliate program we can sign up for in order to get into programs that pay the highest and most generous commissions in the industry. 

We don’t need to be pushed into affiliate programs with products that don’t sell.

This is an important aspect in selecting affiliate marketing programs therefore we should stop and ask ourselves…

  • Would you buy the product?
  • Would the product sell?
  • Are there enough people interested in the product?
  • Is there a money-back guarantee on the product if you’re not completely satisfied whilst using it?
  • Is the product branded and well known within its target segment?
  • Does the product offer a good deal of value to the customer?


What is the Best Affiliate Marketing Program?

For an informative read click below!

Affiliate Marketing For Dummies


There are a number of good affiliate marketing courses that you can have a look at.

I would suggest first looking at one that offers a more in-depth approach. 

Researching them, I would look for ones that have a lot of members some points to consider when looking for affiliate marketing courses could include

  • How long have they been in business?
  • Do they have a good customer support?
  • Can you contact the founder/director/CEO directly?
  • Is it affordable?
  • Does it offer web hosting for websites?
  • Is there a dedicated IT team that provides security to your hosted website
  • Is there a free trial membership to allow new members access to the course before making a decision to part with their money into paid membership?
  • Does the course have a members-only community where other more experienced affiliates can mentor new inexperienced members?
  • Does the course have a dedicated research platform built into the course website that affiliate marketers can utilize for their newly created marketing campaigns?


Free Affiliate Marketing courses VS Paid

We all know you get what you pay for and in an affiliate marketing course and taking free courses may limit your progress. 

A free course could only give you an introduction to affiliate marketing. That is like someone giving you a book to read with many of the pages ripped out. 

Paid membership affiliate marketing courses will undoubtedly give you the competitive edge to do things right the first time. 

It’s important to study the founder the person responsible for initially starting the said course. 

Some points to consider

  • What background are they coming from
  • What’s their personality
  • What’s their agenda for the course they’re selling?
  • Do they use pushy sales tactics?
  • Do they flood your email address with endless spam content?
  • Are they reputable?
  • And of good character?
  • Do they give back to their community?
  • Are they using gimmicks or fake promises to hook you into buying their courses?

Doing an Affiliate Marketing Course Online

If you have access to the internet and a laptop this is all you need to get started. 

Getting started from home leaves the stress of fighting in heavy traffic behind you.

While some are busy struggling in weather extremes you can instead be focused on completing quality work from the comfort of your own home.

If you have a suitable internet connection that allows enough data to watch video content on your laptop then this would be an advantage.

Sometimes if your city is offering public library facilities and free wi-fi when you don’t have an internet connection at home you can also take advantage of this free public resource.

However, it’s always best to have your own internet connection as wifi connections are often not as secure as a home-based internet connection.

As a student of an affiliate marketing course, you need only make a small commitment of time.

This is to study make notes research, and watch video content from the lessons that are presented to you in your chosen affiliate marketing course.

Get yourself a desk and a comfortable gas lift office chair.

If you have the resources a budget laptop is all you need just to get started. 

Ideally, your experience can be heightened if your laptop is HDMI and you can connect it to a large old HDMI TV. 

That way, you can enjoy a large easy to read viewing experience and second-hand HDMI TVs are very affordable.

Getting yourself a wireless keyboard and wireless mouse is also wise to enable you to sit relaxed and maintain a good posture.

So I encourage you to spend time building yourself a nice study environment where you will be inspired to work on!

Have you found a favorite Affiliate Marketing Course yet? If so, feel free to share your experience with it below in the comments!

For the edge on Affiliate Marketing take a look at my recommendation below!

What is Affiliate Marketing Online?

Affiliate Marketing involves the promotion of different products and services on behalf of many large companies around the globe in return for commissions. 

You can be paid for helping that respective company find locate and ultimately sell those products to their customers.

Learning how to make money online from home is thus possible if you have a laptop and an internet connection you could be earning income from the comfort and convenience of your own home.

Imagine not having to spend hours fighting traffic or crowded public transport terminals just to make it to the office.

When you work from home in affiliate marketing you can begin to leave that stress behind.

How easy is that?

In a covid world, this work from home approach also can protect other workers from also getting infected.

People suffering from influenza, single mothers with infant children who need their mothers home with them during the day all can utilize the beauty of working from home without having to leave their children or pay the added cost of childcare.

In short working from home is a blessing and you have come to the right place to learn about it in detail so if you like the sound of things then read on!

What’s the Easiest Way to Make Money Online?

Let’s get a reality check on the reality of running a business.

Many businesses don’t make any money for the first two years.

Imagine how that goes down with your loved ones when you can’t put food on the table for them or for yourself.

Would you want to live with the burden of juggling paying rent food electricity internet bills with no money for that long?

There are also a lot of startup costs and overheads when initially starting and running a new business.

Many families have gotten into added debt with the burden of starting a new business with advertising, insurance, paying workers wages, paying for expensive shopfront fit-outs, there’s got to be a better way.

This is where affiliate marketing can prove a better option for many than the traditional brick-and-mortar type businesses and shopfronts.

Like lower startup costs, lower overheads, fewer stress levels, less financial burdens, and a faster return on their investment.

This brings up our next topic in this article.

What is Affiliate Marketing And How To Get Started?

Affiliate marketing is a commission-based rewards program.

One can start earning commissions by joining affiliate marketing programs that are offered online.

Most companies pay a percentage on commissions based on how much the cost of the sale.

Affiliate commissions vary from 3% up to 60%  depending on the product and or service that you are promoting.

It’s vital that one learns affiliate marketing from experienced people in the industry.

One needs a guide, a mentor, and a comprehensive training course where they learn the right and wrong ways of affiliate marketing.

Why have the growing pains of going it all alone when you can shorten the time it takes to learn the in and outs.

Completing a training course can supercharge your insider knowledge of affiliate marketing concepts which can all be studied online from the comfort of your own home.

With success from Affiliate marketing,  comes a lifestyle that is both rewarding and exciting and sure beats being stuck in a cold office all day.

Best Online Business Opportunities

You could sell goods or offer your services online.

You could buy second-hand/used goods and try to sell them online.

You could try drop shipping and buy goods from an obscure Asian factory you don’t know but I believe that road is long and hard.

There may be a lot of competition from other sellers already trying to sell the same product you might be trying to sell.

If you are inexperienced you could lose a lot of money buying goods from a factory that is selling online to people who can then sell their products online only to find that nobody is interested in those product/s.

For example, did you know that many large online retailers throw out millions of products and destroy them because it takes up space in their warehouses and ultimately doesn’t sell and who loses?

You do if you are the seller as you will be charged a disposable fee.

With affiliate marketing, you have none of that stress and burden.

No stock to worry about, no disposable fees if they don’t sell, no shipping headaches.

There are now close to 4 billion people using the internet this represents a large buyers/sellers marketplace for people buying products and services online.

Affiliate marketers can potentially enjoy a great deal of success just from earning commissions when they start to promote products and services online. 

Make Money Online Now

With the right knowledge and training, people can make money online from affiliate marketing faster in most cases than they can if they had set up that traditional shopfront brick and mortar business.

This represents an exciting opportunity for people to learn affiliate marketing and make money online.

Parents, students, couples, and single people can get more time in their lives to do things they want in life and start to live a more exciting rewarding lifestyle for themselves instead of spending long hours getting to work and working in an office then trying to get home again.

The tradition of spending hours commuting and spending long hours at work can also take a toll on people’s health as well.

With working from home and affiliate marketing people can discover an easier way to make a living and ultimately enjoy life more.


When researching the best online business opportunities you would have to agree that working from home and earning money from affiliate marketing is indeed a new and exciting way to make an income for you and your family.

Forget long hours commuting and having to deal with heavy downpours of inclement weather. Home is, for many a blessing where people just feel happier and healthier.

An added benefit of living the lifestyle of a successful affiliate marketer is the ability to travel and still being able to attend to the running of your business from your hotel room where you are much more relaxed and able to enjoy life as the commissions earned from your online efforts start flooding in.

In a world of high-stress levels and low salaries, affiliate marketing can contribute to a change in lifestyle that many can only dream about.

It’s exciting to suddenly be able to take charge into a new lifestyle where the road ahead is now suddenly lit up in a positive light that makes people’s lives that much more enjoyable!

Do you have a question about Affiliate Marketing?

Feel free to leave a comment below!

About Me


My name is Christopher and  I warmly welcome you to the Make Money Online Me Website.

I have designed the website to help other people gain insight as well as serve as a shortcut to their time left in the day to study the world of just how to make money online.

It has taken me a considerable amount of personal time and effort to bring forward the information here and my gift is being able to share and give back my knowledge with others in the hope that they become successful one day also!

Creating a solid financial foundation has been a passion of mine since I started out as a kid with no money and elderly parents who survived only on a small pension.

Over the years, I have made some financial decisions that have helped improve my knowledge and understanding of the value of money in our lives.

Through my experience, there’s nothing like taking the time to create greater financial independence in life to help make life go more smoothly in respect of sudden bills or emergencies in life.

Almost in every walk of life with relationships, marriage, business, social standing in life, inspiration, hope, self-confidence, positive mindset one can conclude that the topic is definitely not something to be overlooked in life.

At the end of the day it, therefore, requires a level of focus and regular attention in our lives.

Sure, money isn’t everything but at the same token, poverty can have a limiting detrimental effect on people’s health, intellectual development, and livelihoods.


It is always intriguing to note the differences and results of  other people I know who have achieved a solid financial base in their lives and the results of people who just don’t have money in their lives.

People who are wealthy do indeed tend to share a common mindset whereby they tend to place a lot of value on saving and investing their money over the long term.

This is a different mindset to people who tend to not be so well organized and impulsive and often at the mercy of time and change.

Curious enough, both groups of all want to be wealthy and financially stable but some just don’t choose an approach that is tried and trusted and works in a way that wealthier people do.

In my own experience, you should always invest 10% of your income as a rule of thumb in order to reach a decent net worth in your retirement. This is a sound financial habit.

In order to be financially stable and have a solid financial base in your own life, you may need to strive to adopt a set of principles and values around what money represents in life. 

For example, seeing the importance of saving on a regular basis, as well as taking active steps to choose to become an entrepreneur.

This in order to replace a world of a struggle trying to exist on a small income as an employee.

Once you get a little success with being your own boss you will wonder why the heck u didn’t start sooner and you will not want to look back.

A lot of people who are wealthy now just didn’t get that way overnight it often took them a long time. This would indicate the value of investing for the long term.

In the world of starting up a new business venture, the odds are against you as your average brick and mortar type business has a great deal of startup costs involved. Then it often takes several years just to recoup back that money and finally turn a profit.

The beauty of a successful attempt at making money online involves an unbeatable combination of a surprisingly low start-up cost as well as an amazing return.

We all have that choice one day of becoming our own boss.

It is my hope that the sooner you realize the power of adopting a positive mindset to what you really can achieve for yourself, the more rewarding your own lifestyle can suddenly become.


Money is a double-edged sword. It needs to be treated with respect and valued.

It can be hard to make money at the same time easy to spend and even easier to lose if one is not in the habit of self-discipline and self-control.

If one has a level of self-discipline and a level of self-control one will be in a better position to approach money with the value and respect it deserves.



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