What are Website Backlinks

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Website backlinks are links from one website to another. Do you want your website to be an internet sensation?

Then, read on !

This is where your website gets mentioned in

Suddenly a lot more people can now easily find you and refer back to your website for more information.

Backlinks can make your website an internet sensation and skyrocket its performance due to the ability of large companies/websites to reach a significantly larger audience.

Your website can then really take off if you also have your own info product prepared. This can include things like

  • an introductory course
  • a full course
  • an ebook
  • a webinar
  • exclusive merchandise
  • book
  • digital products

and you could suddenly get a lot of people suddenly buying from you.

All the tools you need to succeed

Backlinks are therefore useful and somewhat treasured because its one of the secrets to a high-volume traffic website.

And high-volume traffic undoubtedly leads to more revenue.

The benefits of backlinks are indeed numerous.

You could go from having 20 people visiting your website to suddenly 40,000 visitors a month.

So if you’re looking to supercharge your website traffic then look at getting backlinks and remember why they’re important.


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  • Backlinks can make your traffic and visitors per month skyrocket


  • They can boost your revenue dramatically



  • Help boost trust with your brand


  • Enable you to have a stream of repeat customers



One of the best ways is in the form of a very light suggestive email to large websites, print media, and emails to the editors of large media outlets.

Once you can demonstrate a proven record of success and authority within your niche you can pitch to large websites within your niche.

You can offer to write a featured quality highly informative article as a guest post on their platforms.

Backlinks are an advanced SEO technique usually only reserved for super affiliates and experienced website owners that have a proven track record of success.

A large company with a significant online presence isn’t going to promote another website owner that has no previous proven track record.

Basically, if you already have built a significant online presence and following and you may want to start promoting.

Promote your website and brand to large companies your own company’s limited-time product offer or latest hot insider tip.

This is where journalists and editors from large media conglomerates of newspapers popular magazines television news come in.

The process of contacting them is known as pitching.


media interview lights camera action

Haro stands for Helping A Reporter Out.

It basically is a journalistic business resource whereby journalists use it as a tool to help them find new stories for their publications and or articles.

On HARO a journalist may list what areas they specialize in.

The list can include what topics they would like to base an article on and if your website niche matches what they are looking for it can be a win-win for your business.

The journalist might invite you to write an article as a featured guest or agree to be interviewed for their well-known magazine, newspaper, TV show, or news story.

This could be a game-changer for your website your business your product and your revenue.

Weebly - Websites, eCommerce & Marketing in one place.


A common way to learn about backlinks is to analyze your competitor URLs.

It is thus advantageous, to know why a certain company has a high volume of traffic and is building authority within the search engines.

Tools such as SemRush and Ahrefs help affiliate marketers and website owners do just that.

They help research the data such as

  • using a web crawler to examine competitor URLs
  • researching competitors marketing strategies
  • monitoring the sources of competitors backlinks
  • how they got backlinks
  • who are their referrals?
  • researching their location
  • view estimates of competitor URLs and their monthly traffic
  • history of a competitor’s older backlinks and their sources
  • researching a competitors SEO data


Some backlinks are termed high quality and low quality.

High-quality backlinks from reputable websites can help your website tremendously.

Low-quality backlinks can harm your website.

These low-quality backlinks can include

  • A backlink coming from a website that has a niche not related to your website’s niche.
  • Backlinks that are coming from a foreign country that is different from your target audiences country
  • Backlinks coming from a URL with.xyz . URL’s with.xyz have a bad reputation for being a spam website
  • Backlinks coming from a website that has inappropriate controversial content such as adult pornography sites or hate speech groups or websites that promote controversial conspiracy groups


This tool tells Google not to allow a certain backlink to point back to your website.

Google usually does a good job with its inbuilt research capabilities to determine whether a backlink is a high or low-quality one.

However, it is wise to use backlink research tools to check for low-quality backlinks and to quickly identify them.

This tool enables you to notify Google not to have that low-quality backlink point back to your website.

Google itself advises using the Google Disavow tool with caution.


Fortunately, there are some good free backlink research tools, however, they have limits placed on their features.

The list includes a few popular mentions.

https://neilpatel.com/back links/


https://www.semrush.com/analytics/back links/

There are some paid versions too from these quality companies.

It largely depends on the size of your business and your marketing budget to be able to pay for access to premium backlink research tools.

You can then use paid tools for your SEO marketing strategies.


panning for gold

High-quality Backlinks are likened to panning for gold.

You can potentially strike gold and your website and your business will never be the same again!

With the building of your authority within Google over a number of years and the continued success within your website’s niche.

Success then can be built upon and then used as a good bargaining/pitching tool to large media and large websites that may give you many high-quality backlinks that your website and business have been searching for.

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How to get free targeted traffic to your website?


Stop overpromoting your affiliate links.

We all want to get free traffic to our website.

Google doesn’t like websites that are littered with too many affiliate links everywhere on pages and posts.

You will not get ranked.

And your site will be put at the bottom of search results where no one will find you again.


You are Here to Help not Sell

No one likes a salesman that is always trying to sell you something right? 

A pushy salesman getting in people’s faces, knocking on doors, offering you this, offering you that. 

People don’t like to be sold.

They want their problems solved, so they don’t have time for gimmicks and conmen.

And so your best bet is to get in the right space with them, to begin with.

Google likes you to provide quality helpful website content that has a non-promotional tone. 

It’s ok to use your affiliate link or your banner ad here or there on parts of your website but remember, don’t overdo it by putting too many affiliate links everywhere.


Disguising your Affiliate Links

Stop! don’t do this.

Cloaking disguising your links shortening your links and copying and pasting too many links hurts your rankings.

Do the right thing.

Be honest open to show your visitors that you are trustworthy.

Don’t use disguises on your website.

Black hat techniques aim to work against search engine rules which are counterproductive to your business online. 

Black hat techniques in SEO ( search engine optimization) are bad news for search engines and your visitors.

Search engines have guidelines for websites and you better follow them or you won’t get traffic to your website.

Google doesn’t take kindly to website owners that try to use dirty SEO black hat techniques.

It is unwise to try and fool Google. 

You will only end up losing visitors (traffic) to your website. And ultimately, just hurt your rankings again.


Be the Emperor of Content on the Internet.

Remember that content is king but quality helpful non-promotional content is the emperor.

A king might rule one region but an emperor rules the entire region combined! 

Be the emperor of content on the internet.

Then you can rule page one on the google search results.

Leaving those 50,000 websites that are indexed behind you.

Google will not rank you if it views your site as to what is termed a bridge website. 

Which only refers people to other sites all the time.

It only means the main purpose of your website is only to get people to jump from your site over to another redirected site.

How frustrating can that be for your visitors?

Helping others

Help your visitors first sell to them last.

If you appear to Google in your website like your just trying to send people off to affiliate program links all the time from your poor quality website content then your history with them.

Inexperienced affiliate marketers often make the mistake of sharing their website URL links everywhere within social media groups. 

Then they wonder why they got banned from that group or forum.

The same goes for dropping affiliate links to other users within social media groups.

This is spam content and social media group of course don’t like spam within their group and will just remove your links and then ban you.

Let’s have a look at how Google and other search engines inspect your site.

Google Bot

Google bot is a web crawler. 

A web crawler is an indexing program that helps index 500,000 new websites a day made over the internet.

Another term for them is a web spider.

They help speed up the process of indexing for search engines which would otherwise be a very slow time-consuming process if it was done only by humans.

The program crawls your website content and other websites looking for

  • quality original valuable content
  • high-quality backlinks
  • non-promotional relevant based content
  • captivating helpful exciting and updated new content
  • internal links
  • the presence of unique content such as infographics
  • strong visual content instead of boring text
  • spelling and grammatical errors
  • the absence of poor quality backlinks
  • branded websites that represent a company at the footer of the site 
  • content that shows clearly who the author is with a photo of them 
  • relevant ad usage
  • alt tags that tell blind and visually impaired people what images on the page represent


It then builds a searchable index for the Google search engine page that people can easily find.

There is also an army of Google staff who also help manually crawl your site looking for these same qualities. 

How to Optimize Your Website

Keeping your website pages clean and helpful and do not overdo your promotions. 

Somewhere on your website, you can later link to product reviews within your site that have affiliate links.

Make it a rule in your affiliate marketing strategies. 

Remember your dealing with people with feelings and needs.

Don’t annoy your guests namely your visitors.

Otherwise, they can just click out of your site, and then you will lose that traffic forever.

Don’t have poor quality content that is not helpful or relevant to your people in your website pages and posts.

Stay on the topic.

Aim to share information that only is related to your niche. Don’t go off-topic. It hurts your rankings.

Treat your visitors and Google like they are part of your team together all working on the same mission to ultimately solve other people’s problems and provide value and insight to their lives.

See Google as a partnership in your business and see your visitors as if they are your friends whom you are wanting to help in life.

Make that your business plan right there.

Then two groups will love you.

Google will start ranking your website if it sees that your website is full of quality content.

And your visitors your audience will love you if they see value in the content on your website.

Google can end up giving you free traffic.

More customers more visitors equals more traffic equals more revenue.

How easy is that!

They will see you as an authority in your niche.

They will find you captivating and exciting where your visitors will be drawn to you and spend the time reading your content.

People don’t buy off people they don’t trust.

So try to see it’s about the business of helping others and building a relationship.

Last of all along the way, visitors will then naturally begin to trust you and buy from you.

Some points to consider are

  • can you make a website that is actually helpful to others?
  • write quality helpful unbiased content
  • have a website with relevant content that only applies to your niche
  • design a website that is helpful and non-promotional
  • stay on topic keep it relevant
  • avoid using copyrighted material within your website
  • use of internal links
  • easy to read for your audience



Don’t even try to con people especially online. Don’t try to trick people.

You can get a lot of traffic to your website if you can show that you are a good samaritan to people.

Then in time, you can have a full-time business online.

That you will be proud of and it can make you feel good that you have added some value to people’s lives.

Now it’s your turn! Have you had a situation where you have helped others and found it personally rewarding?

Feel free to leave your comments below.


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What I Need To Create A Website?

With an Internet Connection and your own device there is nothing to stop you from launching your own website online.

Creating a website from scratch can be a challenge.

This can be an exciting and rewarding time for you.

Can you apply yourself to putting in the work involved in making a website from scratch?

One that can ultimately help others and at the same time totally transform your lifestyle?

Without having your own website it will be very difficult for you to earn revenue online.

Therefore, spending the time building your own website and choosing your own internet domain is an important step for an affiliate marketer.

A website is an electronic storefront for many people online.

Let us look at your options.


Wealthy Affiliate platform offers a free website builder and hosting service called Site Rubix.

To use it you must be a member of the WA platform.

You can join for free or if you are hungry for success then you can enter into a paid membership.

This will enable you to study and work through the lessons online.

Weebly also offers a free website builder and it is also easy to use.

I personally have used both Weebly and Site Rubix and can vouch for its effectiveness and ease of use as well as its speed with fast load times.

How to Get My Own Website?

You can apply online to web hosting services for a new internet domain name.

A domain name basically means a website name known as a URL.

There are many options that include a free domain if your budget is limited.

You could also look at low-cost internet domain names that you can choose from many web hosting companies online.

Website domain names are often competitive and it can be sometimes difficult to find a website name that hasn’t already been taken by someone.

Fortunately, hosting companies provide an easy-to-use database where you can simply just type in the name of your choice and check if that website name is available.

You then proceed to the checkout on the next page to buy your very own domain

The hosting service will often keep it registered for you in your name for 1 year.

An interesting by-product of internet domains is Domain Investing.

Domain Investing is used by entrepreneurs who attempt to try to buy up domain names as an investment.

Sometimes a domain name can later become suddenly in demand by somebody in the future.

Domain owners have had been suddenly contacted with lucrative offers to purchase the rights to their domain names originally bought for just $17 and made them millionaires overnight! 

For example, Hotels.com sold for a cool 11 million dollars.

Parting with $17 and buying a domain name can sometimes end up being wanted by a large business conglomerate.

This tiny investment could one day make a massive return for yourself and your family.

Getting a new domain name is very affordable.

You need only pay a small fee for 1 year worth of website hosting and you will hold the rights to that domain name exclusively.


What are Website Builders?

A website builder is a nifty bit of software that enables first-time users to quickly make a website.

This saves the hassle of knowing complex computer programming code.

Websites such as SiteRubix which is built into the WA platform, Weebly, Wix, and WordPress all have their own built-in Website Builders that make designing a website easy!

Users are presented with a word processor platform that enables differing type fonts headlines subheadings point form displays and high-quality images to be downloaded directly to your wordpress website.

Many website builders also come installed with a handy spelling and punctuation checker

For one of the most reputable web hosts in the business click below!


You can start your own website for free!

However, it can be limited to the following

  • limited options within what is offered
  • lower website visitor count
  • hosting support that is limited
  • fewer website tools
  • limited bandwidth
  • reduced research tools
  • limited trial membership that often ends whereby you can no longer access your website after the trial ends
  • not a popular or appealing website name for your visitors which can ultimately hurt your revenue and rankings

However, if you are just starting out, a free website is often an attractive choice for newcomers.

This can then help them to start learning the art of making a professional-looking website.

Taking a Website Security Test On Your Website

We can all make our visitors and our business and website experience a lot safer if we take active steps to protect our websites online.

One thing we can do is if you use plugins on say your WordPress website. always check for updates to your plugins.

This stops people from trying to inject malicious code into old outdated plugins and rendering your website unusable.

Another important technique is to use a website host that offers a padlocked SSL encryption commonly known as HTTPS.

This utilizes and applies a cryptographic key.

It also involves a more secure transmission of data from a web host server to a user’s browser and prevents people from accessing sensitive personal information on your website.

Using a strong password combination provides a level of security for your Websites.

Often there is the option of two-factor authentication which provides another level of security.

A weak password can often become a nightmare for a company or individuals who rely on their business daily.

A good website host will auto-generate backups for your websites in the unlikely event that your website has been compromised.


There are 500,000 new websites being made daily and 1.8billion websites on the world wide web today.

Thus, the internet is a big part of many people’s lives.

The technology and hassle of knowing complicated computer programming behind the building and designing websites have since been made much easier for people.

You will be surprised to enjoy the experience of making and designing a new website with website building technology that just wasn’t around in the early days of the world wide web.

Now it’s your turn!

Have you started a Website yet?

If so,  we invite you to talk about your experiences here. Feel free to share your comments below!

To Your Online Success!