About Me


My name is Christopher and  I warmly welcome you to the Make Money Online Me Website.

I have designed the website to help other people gain insight as well as serve as a shortcut to their time left in the day to study the world of just how to make money online.

It has taken me a considerable amount of personal time and effort to bring forward the information here and my gift is being able to share and give back my knowledge with others in the hope that they become successful one day also!

Creating a solid financial foundation has been a passion of mine since I started out as a kid with no money and elderly parents who survived only on a small pension.

Over the years, I have made some financial decisions that have helped improve my knowledge and understanding of the value of money in our lives.

Through my experience, there’s nothing like taking the time to create greater financial independence in life to help make life go more smoothly in respect of sudden bills or emergencies in life.

Almost in every walk of life with relationships, marriage, business, social standing in life, inspiration, hope, self-confidence, positive mindset one can conclude that the topic is definitely not something to be overlooked in life.

At the end of the day it, therefore, requires a level of focus and regular attention in our lives.

Sure, money isn’t everything but at the same token, poverty can have a limiting detrimental effect on people’s health, intellectual development, and livelihoods.


It is always intriguing to note the differences and results of  other people I know who have achieved a solid financial base in their lives and the results of people who just don’t have money in their lives.

People who are wealthy do indeed tend to share a common mindset whereby they tend to place a lot of value on saving and investing their money over the long term.

This is a different mindset to people who tend to not be so well organized and impulsive and often at the mercy of time and change.

Curious enough, both groups of all want to be wealthy and financially stable but some just don’t choose an approach that is tried and trusted and works in a way that wealthier people do.

In my own experience, you should always invest 10% of your income as a rule of thumb in order to reach a decent net worth in your retirement. This is a sound financial habit.

In order to be financially stable and have a solid financial base in your own life, you may need to strive to adopt a set of principles and values around what money represents in life. 

For example, seeing the importance of saving on a regular basis, as well as taking active steps to choose to become an entrepreneur.

This in order to replace a world of a struggle trying to exist on a small income as an employee.

Once you get a little success with being your own boss you will wonder why the heck u didn’t start sooner and you will not want to look back.

A lot of people who are wealthy now just didn’t get that way overnight it often took them a long time. This would indicate the value of investing for the long term.

In the world of starting up a new business venture, the odds are against you as your average brick and mortar type business has a great deal of startup costs involved. Then it often takes several years just to recoup back that money and finally turn a profit.

The beauty of a successful attempt at making money online involves an unbeatable combination of a surprisingly low start-up cost as well as an amazing return.

We all have that choice one day of becoming our own boss.

It is my hope that the sooner you realize the power of adopting a positive mindset to what you really can achieve for yourself, the more rewarding your own lifestyle can suddenly become.


Money is a double-edged sword. It needs to be treated with respect and valued.

It can be hard to make money at the same time easy to spend and even easier to lose if one is not in the habit of self-discipline and self-control.

If one has a level of self-discipline and a level of self-control one will be in a better position to approach money with the value and respect it deserves.



I hope that the website helps people to reach their dreams in ways they could never have imagined.

Take a look around the website and feel free to to avail yourself of some freebies and exclusive content totally free by subscribing and I would love to hear your comments as well.



Founder of makemoneyonlineme.com.