What I Need To Create A Website?

With an Internet Connection and your own device there is nothing to stop you from launching your own website online.

Creating a website from scratch can be a challenge.

This can be an exciting and rewarding time for you.

Can you apply yourself to putting in the work involved in making a website from scratch?

One that can ultimately help others and at the same time totally transform your lifestyle?

Without having your own website it will be very difficult for you to earn revenue online.

Therefore, spending the time building your own website and choosing your own internet domain is an important step for an affiliate marketer.

A website is an electronic storefront for many people online.

Let us look at your options.


Wealthy Affiliate platform offers a free website builder and hosting service called Site Rubix.

To use it you must be a member of the WA platform.

You can join for free or if you are hungry for success then you can enter into a paid membership.

This will enable you to study and work through the lessons online.

Weebly also offers a free website builder and it is also easy to use.

I personally have used both Weebly and Site Rubix and can vouch for its effectiveness and ease of use as well as its speed with fast load times.

How to Get My Own Website?

You can apply online to web hosting services for a new internet domain name.

A domain name basically means a website name known as a URL.

There are many options that include a free domain if your budget is limited.

You could also look at low-cost internet domain names that you can choose from many web hosting companies online.

Website domain names are often competitive and it can be sometimes difficult to find a website name that hasn’t already been taken by someone.

Fortunately, hosting companies provide an easy-to-use database where you can simply just type in the name of your choice and check if that website name is available.

You then proceed to the checkout on the next page to buy your very own domain

The hosting service will often keep it registered for you in your name for 1 year.

An interesting by-product of internet domains is Domain Investing.

Domain Investing is used by entrepreneurs who attempt to try to buy up domain names as an investment.

Sometimes a domain name can later become suddenly in demand by somebody in the future.

Domain owners have had been suddenly contacted with lucrative offers to purchase the rights to their domain names originally bought for just $17 and made them millionaires overnight! 

For example, Hotels.com sold for a cool 11 million dollars.

Parting with $17 and buying a domain name can sometimes end up being wanted by a large business conglomerate.

This tiny investment could one day make a massive return for yourself and your family.

Getting a new domain name is very affordable.

You need only pay a small fee for 1 year worth of website hosting and you will hold the rights to that domain name exclusively.


What are Website Builders?

A website builder is a nifty bit of software that enables first-time users to quickly make a website.

This saves the hassle of knowing complex computer programming code.

Websites such as SiteRubix which is built into the WA platform, Weebly, Wix, and WordPress all have their own built-in Website Builders that make designing a website easy!

Users are presented with a word processor platform that enables differing type fonts headlines subheadings point form displays and high-quality images to be downloaded directly to your wordpress website.

Many website builders also come installed with a handy spelling and punctuation checker

For one of the most reputable web hosts in the business click below!


You can start your own website for free!

However, it can be limited to the following

  • limited options within what is offered
  • lower website visitor count
  • hosting support that is limited
  • fewer website tools
  • limited bandwidth
  • reduced research tools
  • limited trial membership that often ends whereby you can no longer access your website after the trial ends
  • not a popular or appealing website name for your visitors which can ultimately hurt your revenue and rankings

However, if you are just starting out, a free website is often an attractive choice for newcomers.

This can then help them to start learning the art of making a professional-looking website.

Taking a Website Security Test On Your Website

We can all make our visitors and our business and website experience a lot safer if we take active steps to protect our websites online.

One thing we can do is if you use plugins on say your WordPress website. always check for updates to your plugins.

This stops people from trying to inject malicious code into old outdated plugins and rendering your website unusable.

Another important technique is to use a website host that offers a padlocked SSL encryption commonly known as HTTPS.

This utilizes and applies a cryptographic key.

It also involves a more secure transmission of data from a web host server to a user’s browser and prevents people from accessing sensitive personal information on your website.

Using a strong password combination provides a level of security for your Websites.

Often there is the option of two-factor authentication which provides another level of security.

A weak password can often become a nightmare for a company or individuals who rely on their business daily.

A good website host will auto-generate backups for your websites in the unlikely event that your website has been compromised.


There are 500,000 new websites being made daily and 1.8billion websites on the world wide web today.

Thus, the internet is a big part of many people’s lives.

The technology and hassle of knowing complicated computer programming behind the building and designing websites have since been made much easier for people.

You will be surprised to enjoy the experience of making and designing a new website with website building technology that just wasn’t around in the early days of the world wide web.

Now it’s your turn!

Have you started a Website yet?

If so,  we invite you to talk about your experiences here. Feel free to share your comments below!

To Your Online Success!